Indian Ballistic Missile Defense Program , also known as DRDO

   The Indian Ballistic Missile Defense Program's Integrated Test Range (ITR)is located 18 km. south of Balasore.The Defense Research and Development Organization developed many different missiles such as Nag, Brahmos, Agni missiles etc.

   This ITR was established in the year of 1989 at Chandipur. From that day a great scientist of India,Dr.A.P.J.Abul Kalam ,made this his working place. Later he became the president of India .He was not only a scientist but he was also a great thinker ,philosopher and a poet. For his poetic and philosopher nature the serene seashore place Chandipur was an appropriate place .Kalam has described this place in his book “ Ignited Minds”

I have been fortunate enough that my work has taken me to very many beautiful places that opened up my minds to the cosmic reality .one such was Chandipur on Orissa .
( Reference –Beams,Kalam o belabhumi-Bijay nayak –Journal-Koshambika-Page-4-5 –isuue- 2009)

Kshirachora Gopinatha Temple

   Situated at Remuna, approximately 9 km from the main town of Balasore, Kshirachora Gopinatha Temple was built by the Great King Langula Narasimha Dev who also built the notable Temple at Konark . Lord Krishna (Gopinath) is worshiped at this temple.It is an important place for the vaisnava community pilgrims .As per the mythology, it is said that Sri Rama carved Gopinath with His arrow and that Sita worshiped this deity in Chitrakuta. During vanvas to show the next avatar vigraha to Sita.King Langula Narasingha Deba, the king of Utkal(Odisha), brought this deity to Remuna in the 13th century from Chitrakuta.This temple is famous for the Khira bhoga .This Khira bhoga is a preparation of homemade condensed milk, sugar,cream and raisins. It comes in pots, which are believed to be personally tasted by Lord Gopinatha.This temple belongs to 1300A.D.

Chandipur sea beach

   Chandipur is a small sea resort in Balasore District, Odisha, India. The resort is on the Bay of Bengal and is approximately 16 kilometers from the Balasore Railway Station. The beach is unique in that the water recedes up to 5 kilometers during the ebb tide. Due to the unique circumstances, the beach supports bio-diversity. The vanishing sea and then its return is a very rare phenomenon exclusive to Chandipur sea beach ,making this beach unique in the world.Beside this hide and seek of water, the Casuarinas and creeper sand dunes seem to be swaying on a melodious musical note with the flowing breeze of air touched by the flocks of waves on the sea water.

   When the water recedes making the land open and dried one can observe so many dead and alive jelly fish, hermit crabs, conches and shells of different colors .The beautiful red crabs are also seen in herds making the illusion of a red carpet on the shore These red crabs suddenly get into their burrowed holes the moment one steps on the ground .The serene and peaceful landscape of Chandipur captivates the visitors.

   Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam has described this place in his poetic way ;The beach here is surely among the finest in India.At low tide the water recedes three kilometers as the tides follow their rhythmic cycle .The lonely beach ,the whispering of tamarisk trees and the cool breeze create a feeling of extraordinary calm .


   Balaramgadi is situated at a stone's throw a distance of just 2 km from the beach of Chandipur. This is the place of estuarine where the river Budhabalanga is merged with the Bay of Bengal .This is also a place of docking yards for hundreds of fishing steamers and boats . The visitors can see and enjoy the scene of variety of colorful boats and steamers surfing on the sea and river .Golden sandy beaches, turbulent waters and the cool seaside breeze represent the exotic beach of Balaramgadi. A natural health resort of the state, the fresh and pollution free air relieves the tourist from the stress and strains of daily mundane life. The sunrise and sunset on the beach casts a magical spell on the tourists.A walk on the sand rejuvenates the visitors with renowned energy and vigor.

Bhujakhia Pir

   Situated at Sunhat at the heart of the city, this holy shrine is believed to be 500-600 years old .This shrine is the center of devotion and worship for different religions and sects .In ancient times, Hindu ,Muslims ,Christians ,Sikhs and also some British peoples used to worship at this shrine.As per the history of Bhujakhia Pir,a prophet from Baghdad named Hajrat Swalleh Mohammad,had come to this place to spread humanity and religion .During that period, the place was covered with spiny trees and eucalyptus trees etc.He sat for meditation below a Neem tree .People were calling him as the Fakir. Later he was named by the local residents in Balasore as Baba Bhujakhia Pir .The Fakir used to receive only the Bhujaas (Indian biscuits ) as the food item donated with love by the common people .This Fakir used to serve the common poor peoples of that region .Bhujakhia pir shrine is enclosed inside the holy tomb of the Fakir Hajrat Swalleh Mohammad .The tomb of Baba Bhujakhia Pir belongs to the era of first Panipath war (1526 A.D.) as per the assumption of the historians, although no documentary evidence to prove the validity of this fact is yet available.This holy shrine is situated along the roadway from Sunhat to Chandipur sea beach .People would dedicate the decorated Chadars and bhujaa as the gift of devotion on the holy tomb .However this is an unique shrine in India where people related to different religions used to pray their divine love and devotion.


As this was the place of demon king Banasur there are a lot of ancient temples related to


   The origin of Christianity in this part of northeastern Orissa can be traced back to 1514 with a Portuguese settlement in Pippilli, but Balasore got a resident priest in the person of Jesuit Father Sapport in 1865.In 1865 Father Sapport joined as the new bishop of Balasore .In 1866 Balasore was engulfed in severe food famine, where many people died. Father Sapport,with the request of the administration authority served a lot for the affected people of Balasore. Father Sapport is considered the pioneer missionary in the area. In 1915,the Daughters of St.Joseph of Chembery arrived and opened a convent and a school in Balasore which was functioning until 1938. Records show that many priests including Jesuit Fathers Schaff, Gengler, A. Ville and Vritoff were working in Balasore during the period 1880-1937.

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